Investing in green stocks: can it be profitable?

Green issues and environmentally friendly concerns have grown in prominence in the economy and will no doubt impact on the future of the stock market. There is a range of investment opportunities from the boom in “clean” ways of generating energy, known also as “green energy”. Investing in green energy can be extremely profitable, as can investing in environmentally friendly companies.

Making green investments

If you are looking to make green investments, there are some tips to help you achieve this. With the threat of an energy crisis looming in the future, green energy investments could be a very stable option for making returns. Green energy is still considered a niche investment rather than a mainstream investment. This means that risks may be higher, especially if you are new to investing. There are some green companies that have been profitable over a long period of time; if you want to minimize risk, it may be best to invest in such a company. Some tips for making green investments include:

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your holdings.
  • Buy shares in a number of green energy companies to reduce risk.
  • If in doubt, use a professional investor to take your money and buy stakes in companies they feel are good green investments.
  • Invest in “investment trusts’ such as solar power companies or wind farms as they can offer tax benefits.
  • Choose power generation projects that make use of proven technology created by larger companies, rather than start-ups using technology that may not prove feasible.

Researching which investments are ecofriendly

If you want to make sure that your investments are eco-friendly, there are some research tips that you can follow which include:

  • Speak to your financial advisor to see if they have socially responsible mutual funds, as they may look into the safety of products as well as human rights and environmental concerns.
  • Look at investing in green investment companies that are already well established and offer socially responsible investments.
  • Research companies that offer sustainable green investment opportunities.
  • Many companies offer their policies on the environment and being green on their websites, so look at a company’s core values and whether they are eco-friendly

Using sustainable materials

When looking to invest you should consider the environmental impact of your investment. Look for a company that is environmentally friendly, such as a company that uses sustainable materials. One such company is The Shutter Store; they use sustainable wood to make their window shutters. Investing in a company that uses green methods to make their products is more environmentally sound than using materials that harm the environment. As a wider trend, many companies are using natural resources such as wood when making their products, so that they are environmentally friendly.

If you want to invest in green stocks there are a variety of ways in which you can get a good return on your money and help the environment at the same time.


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