Forex Broker: Ways to choose your “guiding light” as a trader

The choice of the right forex broker is crucial to your success as a trader. Investing proper time in choosing your broker is as important as strategizing your trading moves. And, how exactly would you know that you are actually headed in the right direction in this regard? We are here to help you. Kindly read on in order to explore further.

How would you adjudge the credentials of a broker?

Forex remains the largest financial market across the globe. The steady growth of Forex has only resulted in the proliferation of more brokers in the market. You are not really restricted by choices. However, you must be serious enough to exercise due wisdom while settling for a choice.  You cannot really bank on a random decision just because there is no dearth of forex brokers out there. Here are a few factors which you must keep in view while you are in the process of zeroing in on the right forex broker for yourself. Do keep these points in view.

Regulatory Compliance: Yes, this is the first attribute which you should keep in view while selecting the broker. Remember that even the broker with the best of trading platforms will actually be of no use if it’s not duly tied to a regulatory authority. There are different regulatory authorities governing the forex brokers in different countries. Just conduct proper research on the background of the brokers and find out about their status of compliance.

In the United States of America, National Futures Association and Commodity Futures Trading Commission remain the regulatory authorities. In Switzerland, it’s the Swiss Federal Banking Commission which supervises things, while in Australia it’s the Australian Securities and Investment Commission which regulates the market. Make sure you are actually finding out about the regulatory authorities in your country and finding out whether the broker you are consulting is tied to the authority in question or not. If you are in search of a reliable forex broker then make sure you are visiting the website of fibo group.

Be on your guard against claims of guaranteed profits: If you come across brokers offering you 40% to 50% guaranteed returns within the initial months, then know for a fact that you are being promised something unimaginable. So, please ensure that you are on your strongest guard against such claims. It is, in fact, better to move on.

Deposit: Now, the forex market allows you to trade with the lowest imaginable deposit money. However, different brokers might as well require different amounts of deposits in order to let you start trading. There are some who might spell out something as low as $50, while there are others who need hundreds of dollars. Is it easy for you to pay your deposit? What are the payment options offered by the broker? A broker should ideally offer deposit options ranging from wire transfers to online payments and others.

Keep these points in view before zeroing in on the brokers of your choice. They will be of ample help – we hope.

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